Culture Zone Wrocław

Culture Zone Wrocław continues the activities and traditions that are the result of the programme of European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. Its main aim is to conduct cultural activities based on initiating and promoting projects from various spheres of culture and the Arts. The organisation presents the cultural richness of the Lower Silesian capital by producing cultural and artistic events, supporting campaigns aimed at the development of a civic society, facilitating local initiatives in the area of culture and the Arts and being involved in international cooperation and exchange.

Culture Zone Wroclaw

Wrocław is one of just a handful of former European Capitals of Culture that has decided to continue the functioning of the ECoC office in order to maintain the continuity of the best actions and projects and contribute to the consistent development of culture in the city. Originally the primary aim of the office was to prepare and coordinate the programme of European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. In order to do so, the office gathered curators and specialists responsible for the successful completion of hundreds of international, national and regional projects in cooperation with over 350 institutional and non-governmental partners. The main tasks of the office involved marketing and promotional campaigns, managing the budget and negotiating sponsorship deals.

Culture Zone Wrocław focuses its activity on four areas, which comprise projects initiated by ECoC Wrocław 2016 as well as those previously managed by the Festival Centre Impart, whose heritage and long history will be retained as an important part of the new institution:

  • International Cultural Diplomacy is a space for international exchange of best practices and cooperation, especially under the artist-in-residence programme of AIR Wro as well as during study visits and conferences;
  • Development in the Field of Culture focuses on managing knowledge gathered during the year of European Capital of Culture, observing, monitoring and supporting local fields of culture, and looking after relations with partners within the City Coalition network;
  • Education and Animation involves joint actions with the inhabitants of Wrocław, especially within the Microgrants programme and voluntary work in places such as Barbara in the centre of Wrocław or Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop, where educational and cultural initiatives are held;
  • Festivals and Events covers internationally recognisable festivals with long traditions, such as Jazz on the Odra Festival, International Theatre Festival Dialog-Wrocław, International Organ Festival Non Sola Scripta, WROsound Festival, as well as more recent initiatives, e.g. the European Night of Literature or International Children’s Theatre Festival Dziecinada.

With respect to the overarching principles, Culture Zone Wrocław draws on the notion of “urbanity”. “We are working in the city, for its inhabitants and co-creators of the city culture. The character of an umbrella institution, based on simultaneous functioning in a number of venues, means that we will support and promote different aspects of Wrocław’s culture (e.g. by the publication of Wrocław Cultural Guide, which contains information about initiatives prepared by the Culture Zone Wrocław as well as by other institutions and cultural organisations),” says Dominika Kawalerowicz.

Culture Zone Wrocław manages seven venues: Impart, Barbara, apartments for residents, Engraver’s House, Reception, Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop, Dworcowa Gallery and in the future it will also manage a cultural centre in the model housing estate of Nowe Żerniki.

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