Wrocław 08-10 October 2018

Monday 08 October

during the morning: arrival of the participants and check-in at the hotel.

participants arriving the day before can check-in at the hotel on Sunday



  • 14:30 welcome by Krzysztof Maj, general manager of the Culture Zone Wrocław (previous ECoC Wrocław 2016 Office)
  • 15:00 introduction plenary. Different mentors and lecturers hold an introduction. Every introduction is followed by questions and dialogue with all participants.
    • some of the topics of the afternoon introductions: The history of ECoC and how it has changed over the years, The need for a cultural long-term plan for all cities, Overview and analyses of the successful bids and bid books, Overview and analyses of the not so successful bids and bid books, Presentation of the topics for the ateliers the coming days and ‘Other matters’ ( such as more personal experiences etc.)

Evening Session

  • 18:00  Welcome speech by Volker Hassemer, spokesman A Soul for Europe
  • Keynote Speech by Ulrich Fuchs, general manager ECoC Linz 2009, ECoC Marseille-Provence 2013
  • Welcome dinner

Tuesday 09 October


  • All Day SESSION
    • several ateliers (at least five) lead by mentors, lecturers and atelier leaders*
    • every participant will have the opportunity to follow different ateliers of his/her choice
    • A short city visit will be Included in the day program


    • a cultural programme & dinner

Wednesday 10 October


  • report session, the reports of the different ateliers are presented
  • dialogue and debate on the reported results and interventions


  • several ateliers (at least five) lead by mentors, lecturers and atelier leaders
  • the topics of the past days* will be on the agenda as well as new issues to be discussed.
  • plenary with some key topics and essentials of all working sessions.


  • closing panel with conclusions and recommendations

CLOSING SESSION in the townhall of Wroclaw


  • 18:00 Welcome of all the participants at the Townhall of Wrocław
  • Farewell speech by the city
  • Farewell speech by Nele Hertling, spokeswoman for A Soul for Europe and Intendant ECoC Berlin 1988.
  • 20.30 Farewell dinner offered by the city

Thursday 11 October

departure of the participants, check-out from the hotel.

Culture Zone Wrocław and S ECoC team will be at the disposition of participants who would like to stay one or more days longer for hotel booking, information on the city and local activities.

*  The participants will be guided by different mentors and lecturers Ulrich Fuchs, Caroline Kadziola, Hugo De Greef, Trevor Davies, Nele Hertling, Krzysztof Maj and atelier leaders Dominika Kawalerowicz, Berenika Nikodemska, Katarzyna Mlynczak.
More names of mentors, lecturers and workshop leaders will be added in the coming weeks.


  • Topics elaborated during the S ECoC ateliers: the city & the cultural strategy, the development of an artistic urban programme, organisational issues, the relation to citizens and tourists, the international profile, enhancing the image of cities in the eyes of their own inhabitants, budget & legacy issues, …. and the requirements for the bid book formulated by the European Commission will be analysed and explained, with examples of successful as well as non-successful bids.

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